mark morgenstern - director / co-director

Le Facteur Chance
(2005) HDV, drama, 6 min. 2880 Film Blitz 48-hour team effort (see Awards)
(2000) 35mm ‘scope, drama, 15 min. OFDC Calling Card film: direction, 2nd unit cinematography, music, mix (co-prod. w/ Wordsmith Creative) (see Awards)
Cactus, Therapy, Due Consideration
(1997) Canadian Film Centre exercises: direction
Incident at Tango Creek
(1997) 16mm dance/drama installation, 15 min.: direction, cinematography, editing (co-prod. w/ The Banff Centre for the Arts) (see Awards)
Curtains / Rideau
(1995) 16mm cinemascope, drama, 13 min.: co-direction, cinematography, editing, mix (produced in both english and french) (see Awards)
Even Now
(1994) Super35mm Techniscope, music video, 4 min.: direction
Open up your heart
(1994) 16mm cinemascope, music video, 3 min.: direction, co-cinematography, editing
Don Quichotte
(1991) video, modern dance (for Pierre-Paul Savoie), 15 min.: direction, videography, editing
Snowdon '90
(1990) video, documentary, 26 min.: direction, videography, editing 
(1987) 16mm, industrial, 8 min.: co-direction, cinematography, editing, music
(1986) 16mm, drama, 10 min.: direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing, music, mix (see Awards)
Duo Dénum
(1986) video, dance/experimental, 8 min.: co-direction, videography, editing, music (see Awards)