mark morgenstern - director of photography

Seed of a Thought (2003) 35mm, drama, 12 min. (d: Mark Huisman): cinematography
Brick Red (2002) widescreen PAL, drama, 20 min. (d: Laurie Colbert, Dominique Cardona): cinematography
Qui va là (2002) 16mm, silent black& white drama, 6 min. (d.: Julie Daubié): cinematography
Remembrance (2001) 35mm cinemascope, drama, 19 min. OMDC Calling Card (d: Stephanie Morgenstern): cinematography
- nominated for 2003 Genie Awards for best dramatic short
- Best Quebec Short Film, Jutra Awards 2002
- Best Canadian Short Film, Worldwide Short Film Festival 2002 (Toronto)
V (2001) Super16mm, drama, 9 min. BravoFact film (d: Naomi McCormack): cinematography
Imax Sandde demo reel (2001) Imax 3D, computer animation, 5 min. (d: Roman Kroitor): editing
Hey, Happy! (2001) 16mm cinemascope, drama, 79 min. (d: Noam Gonick): cinemascope consultant, blowup supervision
Cyberworld 3D (2000) Imax 3D, computer animation, 45 min. (d: Elaine Despins) leica editing, temp sound editing, postproduction co-ordination for Sandde segments.
Apelle-moi Alex (1999) 35mm, drama, 9 min. NSI Drama Prize film (d: Mario Bonenfant): sound edit & mix
Women in the Director’s Chair exercises (1998) drama (d: Kia Chester, Kate Lushington, Ethel Whitty, Naomi McCormack, Pepita Ferrari): videography.
Canadian Film Centre exercises (1997-1998) drama (directors: Jim Allodi, Mary Lewis, Ines Buchli, Sue Reidl, Heidi Gerber, Cassandra Nicolau): videography
Culture Shock (1998) television magazine, Newsworld/RDI (d: Stephanie Allaire): videography
There and back (1997) 16mm cinemascope, drama, 15 min. (d: Andrew Tarbet): cinematography
Through my eyes (1997) 16mm dance/drama, 15 min. NSI Drama Prize film (d: Kathryn Martin): cinematography
Sqewed (1996) 16mm drama, 40 min. (d: Lee Shane): sound mix
L'Artiste et le Voleur (1992) 16mm, drama, 8 min. (d: Anthony Philbin): cinematography
Assorted Flavours (1988) 16mm, drama, 23 min. (d: Alessandra Populin): cinematography
Gilles Villeneuve (1988) 16mm, documentary, 25 min. (d: Paul Buisson): 2nd unit camera
L'Escalier (1986) 16mm, drama, 4 min. (d: Louise Moreau): music
Comiko (1986) 16mm, drama, 6 min. (d: Paul Buisson): post-prod. audio and music
A Conspiracy of Hope (1986) 16mm, drama, 4 min. (d: Andrew Stewart): music
Faire Abstraction (1985) 16mm, experimental, 6 min. (d: Nathalie Bennaroch): cinematography, music
Are You There, Are You Listening? (1984) 16mm, experimental, 5 min. (d: Velcrow Ripper): music