mark morgenstern - music

Shooter (2000) 35mm ‘scope, drama, 15 min. OFDC Calling Card film: music, mix
Illumination (1986) 16mm, drama, 10 min.: direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing, music, mix
L'Escalier (1986) 16mm, drama, 4 min. (d: Louise Moreau): music
Comiko (1986) 16mm, drama, 6 min. (d: Paul Buisson): post-prod. audio and music
A Conspiracy of Hope (1986) 16mm, drama, 4 min. (d: Andrew Stewart): music
Faire Abstraction (1985) 16mm, experimental, 6 min. (d: Nathalie Bennaroch): cinematography, music
Are You There, Are You Listening? (1984) 16mm, experimental, 5 min. (d: Velcrow Ripper): music

Other experience:

- audio production for musical, industrial and film projects: multitrack studio since 1981
- live sound engineering for large events, bands, conferences, theatrical productions since 1980
- live multitrack recording for concerts and film sets.
- professional musician (’84 –’93) in jazz, funk, motown and pop bands, playing drums and percussion, with rudimentary keyboards, fretless bass and ‘cello.
- mixing, sweetening, sfx and foley with timecode-locked synchronisers, analog and digital multitrack decks
- digital audio editing on PC, Mac and SGI platforms, plus TimeLine’s StudioFrame and Fairlight’s MFX-3